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Letter: Bernie the turncoat

Bernie Sanders, you can’t start a revolution and get millions of people behind you and then change your mind and join forces with the enemy. We believed you were going to lead the way. I saw images of you looking like George Washington; can you imagine Washington in the middle of the Delaware on that freezing winter night deciding he wanted to go home and sit by a warm fire, fill his porcelains pipe with some weed and forget about the revolution? What are you going to do now, go back to Vermont and be a little old man walking from your home to your office every day? Hillary Clinton does not give a crap about you, and that creep Debbie Wasserman Schultz made a fool of you, calling you an atheist socialist communist Jew. You stood down when you should have stood up against the Democratic National Committee. I don’t think you can recovery from this even if you go independent; you lost your confidence, humiliated by the DNC, and lost your followers. It’s like you were not serious. That’s a disappointment to those of us who are serious about getting rid of this corrupt system in Washington.

Hinton Harrison


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