Letter: Be the change you want to see

Be the change you want to see

I wonder if Chris Martinez realizes how hypocritical he sounds in his editorial “El Jebel should put end to the use of plastic bags” (Aspen Daily News, Jan.10).

He said, “I usually keep a reusable bag handy when making my rounds to the store. When I don’t have a reusable bag at hand, I never shy away from taking the plastic carrier bags offered at the checkout.” Then, the next paragraph states, “On my last few trips to the store, I’ve had the misfortune of having my (plastic) bags split wide open.” He then continues with how disappointing the lower-quality plastic bags are, how only 1 percent are recycled, per The Wall Street Journal, and how the thin, deceptive, new bags hold little weight.

“City Market should offer an environment-friendly and safe plastic bag in the meantime rather than the current breakable bags. Paper or plastic? Neither,” he finishes with.

Two suggestions to Martinez:

1. Cereal boxes, constructed out of cardboard, have pointy corners that puncture plastic, but don’t puncture reusable cloth bags.

2. Be the change you want to see, Chris, and keep more reusable bags handy, and don’t ever use the plastic bags — old or new!

I bet the new, thin and crappy plastic bags still pick up doggie poop well!

John Norman