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Letter: Be respectful with your smoke

An open letter to potheads — one of whom I was back in the day, when it was illegal and therefore fun, when prohibition created the demand:

Incidentally, the only reason why I believe marijuana should be legal in all 50 states is to decrease artificially created demand, something entrepreneurs in the upstart industry better plan for when the euphoria of newness wears off.

Anyway, this letter isn’t about business and one’s responsibility to the bottom line; it is about responsibility toward your fellow man. Hence, with summer and the crowds of concert season upon us, I’m giving you all a heads-up about how individual rights are entwined in the rights of others and what your responsibility is toward keeping your freedom to indulge.

Pot is legal to consume in your own home, not in crowds where there are other people. These crowds are peopled not necessarily by those who are against your right to comatose yourself with ever and ever stronger strains of cannabis but by people who would lose their jobs if they indulged because they’re subject to random testing.

Great! Nibble on a cookie if you understand that the responsibility entailed in exercising your individual rights is to make sure nobody loses their job via a contact high, as they used to call it when I did my purification rundown (a program that in fact runs foreign chemicals out of a body’s fatty tissue).

You see, pot stays in one’s body much longer than the couple of weeks it stays in the blood because it is a fat-soluble substance and actually gets stored in the fat. Those particular molecules of fat-stored THC may burn off way in the future because this is when the body taps into them to feed the starving soul.

I remember that when my little brother ran Narconon Denver, he had this drummer who wouldn’t EP, or “end phenomena,” which is when all the chemicals are finished being expatriated from one’s fat, because his bandmates would smoke a doobie during practice. Solution: Forgo band practice until he EP’d.

Because he was presently doing a program that ran drugs out of your system with five hours per day in a sauna for however long his own metabolism needed (I took 49 days), he didn’t have to worry about the future like the random guy standing next to you at a concert will. So show the world we are responsible to our individual rights by respecting the rights of others this summer as you move methods outdoors, where everybody is just trying to enjoy this thing called life with as little stress as possible.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs