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Letter: Be a meaningful part of readers’ routines

When will the Aspen Daily News cease its endless recycling of the same tired old sudokus? Last Sunday’s puzzle, for example, was one that I have seen in its pages on no fewer than five previous occasions over the past eighteen months or so.

We readers “of a certain age” especially look forward to the Sudoku because it daily gives us the opportunity to test, in the face of advancing years, whether we can still “exert the old cerebellum” to borrow P.G. Wodehouse’s lovely phrase.

Has the Aspen Daily News forgotten that if a daily newspaper is to remain viable in our 24-7 news cycle, it must strive in all ways to be a meaningful part of its readers’ daily routine? Or is it banking on the possibility that, as so many of its readers are part-time (like me) or superannuated and thus, possibly, forgetful from day to day (not quite like me) its callous laziness will go unnoticed? I wonder.

To be sure, the issue I am raising hardly vies in importance with, say, Aspen’s carbon footprint or affordable housing. Yet it remains a gross disservice to the paper’s faithful readership.

Donald Wilson

St. Louis