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Letter; Be a hero to a young athlete

Be a hero to a young athlete

Twelve year-old Trey Fabrocini’s hard work and passion for basketball earned him a spot on the Aspen Basketball Academy European Tour. The Americans will take on teams from Germany and France in a 10 game series that is scheduled to take place in June 2015. This is a significant opportunity for the young player to develop his on-court skills, learn about other cultures, and make lasting friendships. The group will tour famous landmarks (Beaches of Normandy, Eiffel Tower, and more) as well as other local cultural attractions.

Parents want to provide these once in a lifetime opportunities for their children even if it requires financial sacrifice. As his mother, I have been fundraising as fast as I can and am now asking the generous Aspen community for help. Consider funding Trey’s European basketball dream by making a contribution of $20, $50, or $100 today.

Please help. Donations are needed NOW to secure his spot on the tour.

Information on this can be found at ABAcamps.com and look for the European tour. Please contact Coach Steve Ketchum at the High School or directly at 970-948-5285 with your check with Trey’s name in the corner. Any overages will be donated to other athletes who need the support.

As many have said,” It takes a village to raise a child,” I am now asking that village to give Trey the same opportunity as other young athletes who live in Aspen. Thank you for demonstrating your generosity for which this town is known.

Karen Panasewicz

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