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Letter: Base2 lodge fits in the Main Street Historic District

Having served seven years as commissioner and chairman of the Aspen Historic Preservation Commission, I have reviewed hundreds of land-use applications. It is rare for me to be passionate about a lodging project, but Base2 is very exciting. Historic preservation uses many practices to create context in a historic district. One highly regarded way of accomplishing preservation goals and to protect historic structures and districts is to allow setback variances.

Base2 Lodge is a non-historic commercial structure and should be positioned consistently with other like developments located in the Main Street Historic District. Hickory House, Hotel Aspen, Molly Gibson Lodge, the Grateful Deli building, Main Street Bakery, Aspen Mountain Lodge, etc. — these buildings are placed on the Main Street lot line. It is paramount that Base2 Lodge is situated on the south and east lot lines. This not only mirrors other commercial buildings in the Main Street Historic District — it also creates a language for residents and visitors to understand Base2’s context within the mixed-use zone.

Base2 Lodge rooms will have a price point never seen in Aspen. This development helps accomplish Aspen’s 30-year goal to add more lodging.

Please vote “yes” on ballot question 2A. Vote “yes” on Base2 Lodge.

Jay Maytin

Former Historic Preservation Commission chairman, Aspen