Letter: Basalt’s priceless opportunity

Gisella Fiou Park — wow — love what was done by the library. Can you envision people coming from all over this state to visit our library, the Roaring Fork Conservancy and the Rocky Mountain Institute?

Let’s put a walkway over the river that is Americans With Disabilities Act accessible and leads right in to Old Pond Park. Wouldn’t that be a perfect connection to the crown jewel of Basalt?

Can’t the town just use our taxpayer money and purchase the whole parcel and allow this to evolve into one of the best parks in the valley? We all need and want a place in this town to play, laugh, enjoy one another, relax, fish, enjoy nature and the river, listen to the birds, have a picnic and see some of the most beautiful scenery the town has to offer.

A community center would be fabulous for our town, and think of all of the great venues we might have: farmers markets, theater, music in the park, art in the park, River Days and weddings, just to name a few. And, with a little luck, maybe even a restaurant.

Basalt Town Council and Planning and Zoning, please do the right thing when weighing in on this priceless opportunity. Please think about future generations and how precious open space will be.

Mary Jo Hughes