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Letter: Basalt should embrace Western heritage

As a nine-year seasonal resident of the Roaring Fork Valley (originally from New England), I have some unsolicited and probably unwanted advice in response to Tim Whitsitt’s letter in March 15’s Aspen Times (“What is Basalt?”). My opinion is that Basalt, in its quest to differ itself from Aspen and Carbondale, should embrace the Western heritage of the valley. Put on old-fashioned, horse-drawn shovel races down main street. Embrace the brick-pony taverns of the town. Maybe even have some Western-themed dances. I know these types of events could pull me past the roundabout more than once a winter.

It is tough to find the Old West in this valley, and Basalt could bring it back as both a local and tourist draw.

I think that the Pan and Fork park is a wonderful idea to bring the community together, but in addition to that, branding Basalt as a destination for more than the rivers is essential to creating the identity that residents seem to be missing.

Kate Spencer