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Letter: Basalt, Rick hears you

We are currently at a critical juncture in Basalt. Coincidently, we have a fortunate opportunity with Rick Stevens as a mayoral candidate once again. Rick’s 20-plus-year (proven) history of bipartisan experience exemplifies his ability to lead based on logic and not emotion. Regardless of your personal wishes, Basalt is facing inevitable growth. Rick understands the needs for strategic and sensible growth that will complement our riverfront parks through shared costs (without raising your property taxes or rents) and has no personal agenda. Rick knows more affordable housing as well as additional child care facilities and bringing job opportunities in for the millennials is critical if the millennials are to call Basalt home. The current blatant disregard for all the months of community input and renderings submitted from the very young to the very old has been an unconscionable act! Banish this exhausting back-and-forth bantering as well as the embarrassing emotional tantrums. Take the “inability to accomplish anything” out of this tired equation by voting for Stevens. Again, he will make the tough decisions and leave Basalt better than he found it. People, aren’t you tired of the juvenile theatrics and watching your friends and neighbors go out of business? Stevens shares your concerns and hears you. He has raised a family in this valley and he gets it. We need a mayor who will listen and work with our community and not work for special-interest groups or their own personal agendas. Let’s stop the “tax and spend” policy and work on a more sensible approach. Vote Rick Stevens for mayor of Basalt!

Larkin and Joe Ciri