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Letter: Basalt park issue not so black and white

“Buy the park, own your destiny.” How does that work? Will Basalt then become a developer? Who will build all the cool amenities we so desperately desire? Will Basalt then become that greedy developer so despised in the hearts of many? It’s not so black and white. Someone still has to build something and make it work financially, people! As a citizen and business owner (Midland Shoe) here in Basalt, I simply cannot absorb the ramifications of this proposed solution to the Pan And Fork. And by the way, whoever wins the election, don’t forget you have to run a town. I do not, nor do the vast majority of my fellow merchants, have the luxury of deciding whether or not we, I, can absorb the huge ramifications of the commercial property tax increase to our Eagle County rental space. It is extremely difficult to run a business in an area with such extreme seasonal and economic swings in weather and real estate as it is and pay a livable wage to our employees. I have put my heart and sole, so to speak, in creating a business that fills a need here in the Roaring Fork Valley, and I absolutely will not, nor can I afford to support any candidate, be it mayor or council, who thinks this proposal is a “good idea.” If you want to support your merchants, be it downtown, southside, Willits, who have put a lot of time, money, their hearts and souls into their businesses, think very hard about the course you want to set.

Tracy Bennett


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