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Letter: Basalt needs to see the whole picture

First the trailer park was removed because it was an eye sore.

Now the town of Basalt needs to work out a deal with the Clark’s Market property owner (it is an eyesore).

Without considering the redevelopment of the Clark’s Market area, the current Planning and Zoning planning options are incomplete. We need to see the whole picture.

Lowe Enterprises is just the first developer to propose a plan, and Planning and Zoning seems to be jumping on it. Why not give developers an incentive to develop Clark’s Market area? It would be more appropriate to build a hotel and condos on that property. Then it would not conflict with the park development.

Lets not plan to develop our town around one Lowe’s proposal. We need to hear from other developers. We only get one chance.

To see options 3C, 3E and 4D that the Planning and Zoning presented to the public, go to http://www.ourtownplanning.org/downtownplanning.

Patrice K. Becker