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Letter: Basalt needs to do the right thing

My wife and I have spent much of the past nine summers in Basalt and have come to love this community. We were very attracted to this town when we first visited in 1994 and returned frequently until we purchased here in 2007. We have become part of the community though our permanent residence remains out of state near our children and grandchildren.

Perhaps as our perspective allows us to see something that the consultants of the proposed developers of the park cannot see — that is the unique, one-chance opportunity that is presented during your term. You are and no future body has this opportunity to do what is right for today and for the future. Reject the efforts of opportunists seeking to divert this public gem to private profits and do something instead for your children and future generations of which you can be proud. Isn’t that what you really want?

Richard C. Broussard

Lafayette, Louisiana