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Letter: Basalt can have it all

Dear Basalt Town Council,

I can’t give up when I know Basalt can have it all. If affordable housing, a hotel and retail and restaurants are what will really bring more business and vitality to Basalt, build this development where it can be of greatest benefit and not in conflict with our community.

If size and scale are the issue for tolerable development, put the development where building mass is acceptable. If the concern is conflict between residential/hotel users and the public, put the development where it will not dictate how the public uses this open space.

Use the Lions Park and Merino Park parcels for development where buildings of more than two stories could be suitable and are similar to what is already built at Twin Rivers. Buildings in this area will have a great view of the river, be closer in proximity to existing shops and restaurants and act as an anchor for Midland Avenue. By building where development already exists, we create density, a more continuous sense of activity at street level and underground parking where it is more feasible and relates to the people it serves.

The Town of Basalt and Community Development Corp. parcels together will be a flexible space shaped by the community and visitors for generations to come because open space provides opportunity, built spaces take that opportunity away.

Ultimately, we can demonstrate that our community values the protection and celebration of open space and our desire to share this unique riverfront park as the focal point of Basalt. Giving the Pan and Fork parcel over to development is short-sighted and selfish. Our children will wonder why we valued the river and the land it touches so little.

We can create the open space that will nurture our community far into the future and the development that provides mixed uses to support a healthy business environment. With the development acting as the north boundary, it frames the park and allows the open space to flow outward toward the river, acting as the invitation to come to Basalt to explore, relax and participate in our river community.

Lynn Nichols