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Letter: Bartender was wrongly charged

B.S. on citing Blake at Stubbies for the tragedy that led to Kania’s death. I read your article (“Bartender cited by state liquor board,” Sept. 27) and was amazed at how many steps this man took to keep a person from driving under the influence! Having gone through another incident not long ago, it seems obvious to me that he did everything in his power to stop this lady from driving from his establishment. I’ve never seen a bartender in Aspen or Basalt call 911 or even threaten so, take keys from patrons, find a ride, etc. This man went out of his way to get her home safely.

Don’t get me wrong: This is a tragedy; she arrived home safely. Under the influence, she believed that she could walk the 3 miles back to Stubbies to retrieve her car in driving rain, crossing the highway in a non-crosswalk area. That is terrible, and I pray for her family as well as those involved in the accident. However, if every bar acted as Blake did at Stubbies, there would be a significant decrease in alcohol-related fatalities everywhere.

If anyone is to be blamed for this, it should be the State Patrol or local police for not just sitting outside bars and pulling over every patron who leaves and drives. At 0.08 blood-alcohol concentration, a single beer can put you over the legal limit. We have a great bus system, and there should be no reason to drive while intoxicated. There is a bus stop directly outside Stubbies and I know very close to Willits.

I’m sad for all involved, but Blake should be praised rather than cited for his actions that unfortunate evening.

No relation — we just share a name.

Blake Williams


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