Letter: Bad behavior on Base2

Here’s why I oppose Base2 and why I urge everyone to vote “no” on ballot question 2A.

Nothing but bad behavior got us this project. Bad behavior by the city attorney and City Council denying that the application had to go to a public vote under Referendum 1. Bad behavior by the City Council and city government directing the developer to build this particular project in a location where it didn’t belong. Bad behavior in city government granting enormous, valuable variances (worth at least $10 million in transferrable-development-right equivalents). Bad behavior by city government not disclosing to voters how much the variances are worth. Bad behavior by the developer in promising to withdraw if the petition drive was successful, then withdrawing his promise after the petition was wildly successful, then withdrawing his application “with finality” and then withdrawing his withdrawal. Bad behavior by city government letting him withdraw his withdrawal. Bad behavior by the developer misleading voters by promising on-site parking when the question on the ballot includes no parking.

How can any Aspen voter approve this ballot measure when approval will only encourage more bad behavior from City Hall and developers?

Vote “no” on 2A. Don’t encourage bad behavior.

John Fezza