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Letter: Back in the water again

Once again, the Snowmass Village valley is flowing with poison. The pro-fluoride people, especially the dentists, got their way by bringing the American Dental Association into our little town with big money and brought the unnatural fluoride back into our Rocky Mountain water supply. We were blessed for a couple of months with water that we didn’t have to worry about our kids drinking. The Earth got a little break from the tons of neurotoxin covering the land. It was a great feeling knowing I didn’t have to wear gloves while doing my dishes or worry about taking a shower because of the high absorption level of this toxin. Just a couple of days ago while the pro-fluoride people were fighting to bring back this aluminum waste byproduct to our precious water supply, Portland, Oregon, landed a victory to keep fluoride out. These are conscious people who stuck together and fought these big corporations coming into their city with their big money to try and intimidate the people to put this poison in their water. This movement is spreading like wildfire all over our country, and it will continue until it is gone. I and anti-fluoride people will continue to fight for our children, our rights and our beautiful planet. A lot of people are finally waking up, but obviously Snowmass Village is still asleep.

Cris Cuda Dawson


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