Letter: B.S. on the radio

I am writing to formally request that Always Mountain Time networks change the name of KNFO to something more fitting. Maybe KSHT. It’s excruciatingly evident that its daytime lineup contains nothing that would pass for info.

Don Imus should’ve remained in exile after a racist remark bumped him from the radio. His show is New York shock-jock kitsch crammed with eighth-grade potty humor. Imus is irrelevant and may already be dead and propped up in the studio to give that gang of schoolchildren who talk for him every morning an excuse to exist. They shouldn’t, and neither should that show.

After Imus’ disaster comes another train wreck hosted by local news reader David Bach. Bach may well be the nicest guy in Aspen, but his two hours of painful interviews and mindless opinions are difficult to stomach. I feel for the people who have to go into that studio for an interview. He doesn’t listen, interrupts, throws out impertinent, inappropriate comments, and basically whines his way through two hours of wasted time. This is the local radio personality who represents Aspen? There’s no one better? Bring back Michael Conniff. Bring back Andrew Kole. On second thought, don’t bring back Kole. Every few weeks, I tune in with the hope that Bach’s show will get better. It just never does.

Rush Limbaugh is the best talker of the day. However, his braggadocio as he hosts the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Republican Studies (LIARS) can be annoying. Who wants to listen to a Republican brag about himself? I tune in to hear what the right wing is thinking, and in most cases I find, unsurprisingly, that it isn’t. If he has a salient point, I listen until he switches to his usual bashing of the left and then change channels. Usually, it takes about five minutes.

The afternoon used to be filled with progressive talk from Thom Hartmann that formed a nice balance after Rush’s spew. However, Always Mountain Time claimed no local advertisers supported the show, so it canceled Hartmann. Evidently, the company instituted a demographic survey of the Aspen area and found that the Roaring Fork Valley is starving for more mind-numbing shock-jock content. It replaced Hartmann with something called the “Schnitt Show” starring a right-wing juvenile delinquent named Todd Schnitt. He began his show Friday asking if Katy Perry lives in Hillary’s butt. I can’t tell you how much I’ve longed for such intelligent questions to be asked. The guy’s a Schnitt-head.

Finally, Jim Rome with sports. I’m sure he has his fans, as arrogant dip-Schnitts seem to be the rage these days. I regret that Jim Everett didn’t keep beating Rome when he had the chance. Cross Rome’s arrogance with Limbaugh’s braggart loudmouth idiocy, and you get Donald Trump. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

I tune Trump out, and KNFO now gets the same treatment. Please change the name to KSHT, because this station is full of it.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village