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Letter: Awakening in Transition

‘Awakening in Transition’

The heart of Mother Earth is aching

She pulses with the pain of her people

Our mother’s need to heal her wounds

Cries out through her inhabitants

Darkness closes in and Love has lost its way

Earth swims in the wake of her galaxy

She no longer holds her sway

Is love in battle, depression and hate?

Do her winds and storms belie earth’s sadness?

Her tears fall in rains that flood her valleys

The wars give no respite to her bodily wounds

Her heart carries the pain of her children

as only a mother can

We must turn to Love for the answers

In distress Love reveals a new day

With the eyes of Love we’ll see hope

The light of Love will show the way

In these shifting winds of change Mother Earth

Turns inside out to find a heart anew

Her people must hold the harmonious notes

So the light of all hearts can shine through

Like diamonds in the rays of the sun

We will dance with Mother Earth’s joy

The truth will be shown, we are one with all

Each other, the trees, the moon and the stars

Wake up everyone, life can blossom once more

Compassion can reign over all

Peace can rise in the world, our hearts can ring true

Mother Earth can know balance again

Lollie Schweitzer


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