Letter: Averse to the vaccine

It is amazing that three cases of mumps in the valley are worthy of front-page news (“Pitkin County confirms three mumps cases,” The Aspen Times, May 13). A childhood illness is now being created to be some incredibly horrible disease.

Of course this is another epidemic that we all need to dread. It can go along with swine flu, bird flu, Ebola, Zika, SARS and a long list to which the answer is to get a vaccination.

Harvard recently reported a mumps outbreak. Ironically, all of those who have contracted the mumps had the mumps vaccine. Most if not all of the mumps outbreaks have been connected with people who received the mumps vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are referred to as the authority that is keeping an eye out for the well-being and protection of the public. This branch actually receives a lot of financial support from big pharma. A closer look reveals a revolving door between the CDC and drug companies, especially those that manufacture vaccines.

Currently there is a new film documentary named “Vaxxed” that is being shown. “Vaxxed” documents the corruption involving the CDC. It reveals the scientific fraud that is committed on a regular basis.

A whistleblower, William Thompson, played a big role in this movie. He admits that while he was working for the CDC, he and his colleagues lied, cheated and omitted significant vital data that gave the mumps vaccine a free pass to disconnect it from autism when in fact it did have a connection.

The plot thickens because there are two additional whistleblowers who worked at Merck, the manufacturer of the mumps vaccine. Their lawsuit documents information that reveals the ineffectiveness of the mumps vaccine.

It is interesting to note that the head of the CDC during these deceptive actions was Dr. Julie Gerberding. She left the CDC to become the president of vaccines at Merck!

If the vaccine is ineffective and if the disease does not really pose a great risk, then the questions need to be asked if the serious side effects being linked to it are worth the risk.

Some of the tactics used to confuse and mislead the public include mixing up how immunity occurs in nature versus the herd immunity associated with the deceptive tactics used by the vaccine companies.

Each vaccine is worth billions of dollars per year. Unfortunately, the public is the pawns for these companies to make incredible profits every time the threat of an epidemic arises.

Fortunately, Colorado is a state that provides the freedom to declare a personal exclusion from being forced to put substances in our bodies. This is actually a right that the Supreme Court has established as a right that everyone has. This actually came from the Nuremberg Code from World War II.

You can rest assured that the vaccine companies are working to influence our government (hard to believe) to mandate that every person must receive numerous injections of their products. Think of the profits to be generated!

Follow the money line. You will be amazed.

Tom Lankering