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Letter (Aug. 31) Tipton reaches out to Thompson Divide


Tipton reaches out to Thompson Divide

Dear Editor:

I am writing to thank Rep. Scott Tipton for his openness to “take a look” and consider supporting Sen. Michael Bennet’s legislation regarding the Thompson Divide and to enthusiastically encourage his office to initiate legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives as a companion bill with the goal of preventing further development of oil and gas drilling in the Thompson Divide territory.

As I’m sure Rep. Tipton knows, the Roaring Fork Valley has a long history of farming, ranching, hunting and fishing. Families who’ve been here for 150 years are still using this land to grow crops and run their livestock.

Of course, the primary “industry” from Aspen to Glenwood Springs is tourism with thousands of local residents making their living serving hunters, anglers, summer and winter athletes, and those who visit from around the world to enjoy music and art throughout the valley.

Perhaps Rep. Tipton has seen the recent articles praising the quality of life in Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. We have a vital and vibrant community. It is heart-breaking to listen to our neighbors talk of being put out of business if the local water, land, and air gets polluted by gas and oil drilling; it could ruin our economy here.

I have lived in the Roaring Fork Valley since 1987, and I love it here. Coming from a military family, I have lived in 10 states, and I literally know the lay of the land in every state in the lower 48. Colorado is a very special place.

I want to thank Rep. Tipton for understanding and supporting the efforts to maintain an environment that is compatible with the health and well-being of our valley!

Roxanne Bank