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Letter (Aug. 31): Aspen loses a slice of its soul


Aspen loses a slice of its soul

Dear Editor:

Different connections are made in life, some you see naturally occurring and some for a strange reason are not seen coming. I would say the love of movies/documentaries brought me to Take 2 Video a few years ago, a small store which felt so out of place, yet some how so fitting for a little town that started with the basics.

I mean, who owns a video store in 2013? It’s a little weird, right?

When I first arrived in the U.S., I would wonder how people ever got tired of 500 channels of TV or 50 different kinds of cereal. There was always so much to choose from, but the longer I stayed, the more I realized you got used to what you loved and stuck with what you knew.

My husband comes from Boston and he would try explain to me that towns were actually really quite small; you shopped at the same shopping markets, same liquor stores and coffee shops and got to know the locals and people who worked there. You became a community in the midst of it all, it was routine, it was comfort food! Finally now do I know what that actually means. I get it!

I didn’t really know Tim extremely well but yet enjoyed seeing him often for our chats on the new movies and what I was in the mood for that particular day. Tim would give me the sneak-peek documentaries and hold back a new release for me on a Friday if I begged hard enough. These small stores made up of so much personality are what a town is really made from, and it’s the obscure connection that I made with a local business and business owner that will be really truly be missed.

I guess my message here is not some soppy good-bye to mealy a video store, but to say good-bye to a little piece of heaven that I got to know as local.

A kind gentle soul, Tim you will be missed!

Jacquelyn Carr


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