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Letter (Aug. 29): Pro Challenge worth the minor hassles


Pro Challenge worth the minor hassles

Dear Editor:

Bruce Berger, quityerbitchin (“Vicious cycle?”, letters, Aug. 26, The Aspen Times). Everyone in town knew that the bike race would impact access to the airport sporadically, though it was possible to get in and out during the race via the Roaring Fork Transportation Agency.

If your friend had to take his car to Marble, he could have left earlier in the morning and made it to the airport before the noon without a problem. I hear Marble is not that far away. Seems like it was his choice to miss his flight. If you walk or ride on Hopkins, you were made aware well in advance that traffic was going to be diverted Aug. 18-20; there were signs every six feet!

Using Hopkins for traffic had nothing to do with racers riding on Main Street; the finish/start line and viewing tents were set up on Main Street and that’s why traffic was diverted. It also would have been hard for a bus to run you down if you’d been walking on the sidewalk. I hate to rant, but your letter was just plain silly. The bike race is a fantastic event that brings more excitement to this town than any 10 events combined.

Are there going to be some inconveniences? Yes. Are they worth it? Yes! Aspen is becoming a biking mecca in the summer, all thanks to the Pro Challenge. My advice to anyone who doesn’t like the race, leave town for three days.

Margaret O’Brien