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Letter (Aug. 25): Just roll with it


Just roll with it

Dear Editor:

Share the road, share the town, and lighten up. As the wife of the owner of Performance Ski, a small “mom and pop” business in Aspen, I enthusiastically support the USA Pro Challenge coming through our super-cool town.

While the race was in Aspen, Performance Ski kept regular hours, employed the usual amount of workers, and business was great. In addition, I did my normal commute to and from Woody Creek without being inconvenienced one bit. We did step away from the shop for a few moments to watch the race start and the peloton fly by.

I, for one, hope the city of Aspen will host more events like the Pro Challenge, because events like this make Aspen a special and a desirable place to be. This type of event brings the tourists we all need to town. (Did you see all the people?) We never can sit back and rest on our reputation with blind arrogance because there always will be a town or resort out there looking to knock the “top dog” off the map with interesting and enticing events pulling the tourists we love away from Aspen.

As a result, the retail could shut down with all its glitz and glamour, and it will become mighty hard to find a delicious place to eat with the fabulous selection we enjoy today. The next time you are a little bit inconvenienced from earning those precious dollars or a bunch of people having a good time puts you in a bad mood, get a bike and go out and ride! Fresh air and exercise just might do you some good.

Lee Keating

Woody Creek