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Letter (Aug. 24): Whine less, enjoy more


Whine less, enjoy more

Dear Editor:

Correct me if I am wrong, but it feels like local businesses have been bitching about a slow sales day during the Pro Challenge bike race for the last three years. And would it not be possible for the Aspen Music Festival to postpone its final concert to make way for an international event that showcases the beauty of Colorado and the Aspen area?

And, FYI, there is another way out of Snowmass: up Divide road across Campground, over Snowmass Creek, along Snowmass Creek Road and out at Watson Divide, or continue to the Old Snowmass gas station, or East Sopris Creek Road to Emma, or West Sopris Creek Road all the way to Highway 133 and Carbondale — you choose where to turn! They are all very fun rides on a motorcycle!

I thought the bike race was unique in that it made three loops around the area, and allowed those on bicycles to ride to various vantage points to watch high -peed corners, hill climbs and the final dash to the finish. It was also fun riding my bike the wrong direction on Highway 82 after the race with no traffic on it — something you don’t normally do!

Get over the four hours of road closures and suck it up. Tomorrow is another day to waste money, bitch about your life and complain about something that is twisting you panties!

Enjoy the ride and have a majestic day!

John Norman