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Letter (Aug. 23): Bike race is worth the price we pay


Bike race is worth the price we pay

Dear Editor:

Just read the opinion piece, “Bike race bad for local workers’ pocketbooks” (Commentary, Aug. 22, Margaret Reckling, The Aspen Times).

There is no denying the Pro Challenge is a bit of an inconvenience, and no arguing that it is tough on the working man’s pocket book. But if we can’t take a break, put on a good face, and come out as a community on a world stage no less, and have some fun, what’s the point of working our asses off to put a bit of cash in our pocket books?

When you choose to live in small-town America, especially in a place like Aspen, if you are here for the money, you are here for the wrong reason, especially if you are a working man. And yea, Aspen is in the world spotlight already, but it’s these world events that put us here and continue to keep us where we are. Without them, we are nothing more than Telluride, which, as was mentioned, cancelled the race there.

So for a bit of lost pocket change, what sets us apart from Telluride is that after we work our asses off, eke out a living, we have the opportunity to enjoy these incredible events like the Pro Challenge, the World Cup, Winter X Games and on and on. If that is not worth the price of a few pocketbook bucks, Telluride has a philosophy that may suit you better.

Mike Marolt