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Letter (Aug. 21): Cycling race a summer highlight for Aspen


Dear Editor:

The Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club once again had the privilege of working with the city of Aspen on the USA Pro Challenge. What an outstanding event! It was phenomenal to see the best cyclists in the world on our streets inspiring our young athletes. Most understand that Aspen is getting great exposure worldwide through this event. The exposure will lead to visits and investments in the future. Less obvious is that AVSC benefits from the race. A percentage of proceeds from the VIP Tent and the beer-tent sales goes directly to AVSC to keep our programs accessible for our 2,250 participants.

We as a community can be proud. From World Cup ski racing to Winter X Games to the USA Pro Challenge, we deliver world-class events. So many deserve kudos for this one: City Council, county commissioners, city and county law enforcement, Nancy Lesley and her event staff, the scores of volunteers and all who were personally inconvenienced.

Thank you for continuing to make this event a highlight of the summer season and a defining feature of our identity.

Mark Cole

Executive director, Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club