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Letter (Aug. 20): Editorial ignores the real issue


Dear Editor:

A recent editorial (“The lingering stigma of marijuana,” Aug. 16, The Aspen Times) characterizes the debate over the Basalt greenhouses as an effort by out-of-touch neighbors with a marijuana “paranoia” to ban the development.

Meanwhile, the editorial ignores the real issue — the mammoth size of the 50,000-square -foot commercial development. Casually dismissing this concern, the writer states, “We won’t debate the merits of the size of the facility.” Seriously?

People have nearly come to blows in this valley over developments much smaller in scope. Simply put, a large commercial operation is proposed for a historically residential area. Traffic, visual blight, water usage, commercial precedent and other issues should all be on the table. Let’s not distract from the key concerns by lecturing about marijuana.

Austin Garrison