Letter (Aug. 19): ‘Toxic exhaust’ plagues our hills | AspenTimes.com

Letter (Aug. 19): ‘Toxic exhaust’ plagues our hills


Dear Editor:

Would the person or organization in authority deciding to use green-dyed herbicides on our local trails and roads (“Live And Let Dye,” Lorenzo Semple, Aug. 10, Aspen Daily News) please explain the toxicity levels being used, city and county rulings on chemical uses in our local environment and the reason why we’re being exposed to more toxins in the Roaring Fork Valley when other options are available?

There must be some health ramifications, or little yellow flags would not be necessary. But no matter how many little yellow flags are decorating our valley, small children and animals don’t read and don’t understand their significance. Whatever they touch ends up in their mouths. Even those of us who do read will probably have a snoot-full by the time we get close enough to read those little warnings.

We’re fighting an uphill battle with oil and gas companies to stop fracking in order to keep our water pure and our pristine organic garden spots healthy, but now this is considered OK? Giving it an artificial, unnatural-looking green dye is doing us all a favor?

This is Aspen. We used to be noted for our environmental leadership and organic practices. Aren’t we looking to create more jobs? Pulling up and discarding thistle is employment. If not this, there are several outdoor volunteer groups that could cover this job. My husband has enjoyed working many hours improving trails and wetlands over the past eight years.

Our hills are alive with the smells of toxic exhaust, and we cut down healthy trees (which are needed to clean our atmosphere) at an alarming rate in order to build bigger buildings. Spewing chemicals from a four-wheeler because it’s less work doesn’t sound environmentally wise or responsible to me. So again, could those in charge please shed some light on this subject? Please include our city parks and public meeting places, too. Are we planting organically there? Otherwise, I guess we should all just hold our noses and not touch or step near any little yellow flags.

Ricki Newman