Letter: At it again

I read last week and was completely stunned by the city’s decision to spend $500,000 to study the entrance to Aspen yet again. How many times has it been done previously? As far as I can tell land masses have not moved, Castle Creek is still where it was before. What possibly could be learned that we do not already know? Or have we become so numb to what things cost that $500,000 is not that much money? Its a crazy amount of money, made even crazier by the fact we have already studied this ad nauseum. Come on people! We know what we need to do, so we need to do it and not study it again. While you are at it, lets get rid of these ridiculous HOV lanes that do nothing but slow traffic down. There is too much truck traffic in each lane, people don’t generally understand it and it is completely opposite to how its done in the rest of the country.

Lee Bryant