Letter: Aspen’s traffic problem has to be solved

I have to believe this holiday season will set records for everyone: restaurants, retailers, ski areas, pot shops, liquor stores, traffic jams and a lack of parking. In my 35 years here, I have never seen anything like the backup into and out of Aspen or what construction has done to our in-town parking.

It is encouraging that the economy is allowing new buildings, however, should construction happen during the holidays? What impact does it have on parking and traffic? For example, should construction command nine parking spaces in front of Boogies until Dec. 31? Has our town become so greedy for the high construction-parking fees, building-permit fees and real estate taxes to consider that we may be shooting ourselves in our foot?

Those of us in the service business need our customers, both locals and visitors, to have access to our shops, restaurants and ski areas — especially during the holidays.

Pitkin County and the city of Aspen have spent millions on traffic studies over the years but have accomplished nothing. Now we are asked to spend millions more on enlarging the airport so 737’s can land — however, it will not matter if our guests can’t make it into town or find a place to park.

John Wilcox