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Letter: Aspen’s sneaky council

I was one of the people collecting signatures for the referendum petition to let the voters decide on Ordinance 19, the one I call the “block the view, subsidize the developers” ordinance.

After seeing how ready Aspenites were to sign, without any convincing or arm twisting at all, I realized how disconnected and arrogant Councilman Adam Frisch is concerning his Aspen constituents, whom he refers to as “the opposition.” I was all set to elaborate on how a 3-2 majority of the council conspired against the vast majority of the voters when I came across Roger Marolt’s column in Friday’s Aspen Times.

Roger says it all much better than I could. Here’s a sample from Roger’s column: “These guys believed they could sneak this past us. Apparently, we can’t take our eyes off them for even a second …” I urge readers of the letters to the editor to dig up Roger’s Friday column (“We’re not as dumb as they thought we were,” Commentary, Aug. 29, The Aspen Times) and get the whole scoop. Also, take a look at Doug Allen’s Friday column in the Aspen Daily News (“Leading the leaders,” Commentary & Daily Opinion, Aug. 29) for even more details on City Council duplicity.

Sy Coleman