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Letter: Aspen’s reputation is stained

Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, many states of the U.S. — at a quick glance these are some of the places whose people are speaking out against the tortoise “exhibit” at the Aspen Art Museum. Some comments include “shocked this happened in Aspen … associated with respect for nature” and “so grossly Aspen.”

The art museum is rebranding Aspen worldwide with this inhumane travesty. This tortoise “exhibit” is slated to continue until Oct. 5. I ask the city of Aspen to use all influence possible to stop this stain upon the name of Aspen and try to save our reputation or what is left of it. Please review the more than 3,000 comments on the petition at Change.org, and give thought to this question: “Is this how we want our Aspen to be perceived on the world stage?”

Please consider resigning, Heidi. I think you have done more than enough harm — an astonishing amount in slightly under a decade.

Bronwyn Anglin