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Letter: Aspen’s ‘me’ mentality

Why Is it so difficult for Aspen officials to figure out who the local scofflaws are and how to deal with it? The people who are abusing the North Star Preserve are the same individuals who walk Smuggler with their dogs off leash and let them s— wherever they want, like in my backyard. Look for the wet beach towels and beer bottles on display. Want to find out who took part in the parking scam? Don’t need a pricey investigation. Just ask the waitress at the Little Nell who announced proudly that she and her friends were still doing it after the crime was uncovered. Can’t solve the mystery of why the Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority is not serving the local employees who never seem able to find affordable housing? Just ask the current tenants who pass their units on to friends when they leave without even going through the system. That’s the ticket! Buck the system! Isn’t that what everyone teaches their children to do so when they become young adults they are masters of deception? Who needs integrity or morals when you can get ahead by cheating? We fools who play by the rules, pick up after our dogs, respect the environment and the rights of others, and expect people to play by the same rules, we need to learn the game! We need to change our philosophy to eat or be eaten in order to survive in the Aspen of the future. Screw the taxpayer! Screw the rules! Screw the law! Screw the environment! Screw the neighbors! Screw everyone! This town is now all about the “me“ mentality, and we naive rule-followers had better get on board or put up with the s—.

Nina Zale


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