Letter: Aspen Times should move

The Aspen Times Aug. 15 editorial (“Lodge order a blow to Aspen’s charm,” Commentary, The Aspen Times) opined that the Aspen City Council erred by adopting the lodging-incentive ordinance. I agree that was a mistake. But whereas The Aspen Times wants to stop progress in Aspen and keep things just the way they are (or were at some unspecified idyllic time in the past), I don’t think the city has gone far enough to permit developments that will attract and satisfy the visitors on which our economy depends.

While The Aspen Times was penning its nostalgic op-ed piece, I was reading the local papers. Items like the report that in public comment Dave Perry reported the views of an Australian tour operator (anyone happen to notice how much we rely on Aussies ‘in the winter?). That tour operator considers Aspen overpriced for the quality of the available amenities. Or the report about the comments of Mark Harmon, founder of Auberge Resorts. He said that Aspen is losing market share, not keeping up with its competition.

To emphasize its point, I expect to see The Aspen Times abandon its shiny new digs with the modern equipment and the comfortable working conditions so it can return to the drafty, creaky but oh so “Aspen” building it occupied for 100 years on Main Street. Or is it only bad policy for other business enterprises in town to be permitted to keep up with “The Times”?

Maurice Emmer