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Letter: Aspen Music Festival needs local’s pass

Aspen Music Festival needs local’s pass

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to the Aspen Music Festival & School.

Isn’t there a “local’s pass” to the festival, such as the passes for locals that you have had in the past (six concerts plus rehearsals)?

Those of us who are full-time residents in the valley but cannot be here for the full season (or cannot afford the full pass price) have relied heavily on such passes in the past.

If you are offering no such pass again this year, please reconsider. We have strongly supported the festival in the past and bought buckets of one-off tickets to accommodate our out-of-town visitors and our own interests. But without the availability of a lower-cost local’s pass, that support and those purchases will decline, so it strikes us that it is very much in the interest of the festival to support the locals in return.

We might add that since the past local’s pass has allowed the purchase of tickets only on the day of the concert (apart from whatever extra cost reservations system you had then), we were not taking seats from full-season pass holders, and all else being equal, you were filling more seats. (To economists, that’s called “selling down the demand curve.”) What’s wrong with that (from the perspective of the festival’s CFO)?

Parker and Tilly Maddux