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Letter: Aspen loses with Amendment 66

Aspen loses with Amendment 66

With all of the campaigning for support of Amendment 66, I encourage your readers to consider the position against its passage. If Amendment 66 passes, Aspen will lose education funding and our quality of education will decline.

As a young person who intends to raise a family here over the next decades, I’m very concerned about Amendment 66. Given the cost of living in Aspen, it’s hard enough for young families to make it here. The quality of our schools is one thing that makes people, including young families, stay.

As our education funding decreases, so will the quality of Aspen’s schools. In response, our local leaders will have no choice but to ask Aspen residents to make up for the money in additional taxes, income or property. As taxes go up, and the quality of our schools decline, more and more of our young families will leave Aspen.

As former Mayor Ireland has made us aware, the aging of our Aspen population is not sustainable and a cause for serious concern. We must bring young families to Aspen and keep them here if we are to have a healthy community. Amendment 66 exacerbates this challenge.

I care a lot about education for Colorado and Aspen’s kids. I’ve written a number of times in your paper about how I value my own education. Ensuring that lower-income children receive the education they need to succeed is a moral and economic imperative. Nonetheless, taking needed funds from middle class kids is not the answer to solving that issue. Amendment 66 sets up winning kids and losing kids. Aspen’s kids lose. Despite its good intentions, I’m voting against Amendment 66 because we can — and must — do better.

Jill Teehan