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Letter: Aspen Ideas moderator bias

Aspen Ideas. It is a wonderful event with many informative sessions. The variety is a credit to the organizers bringing together diverse interests and personalities. Not a patron, I was able to attend the vast majority of public events with tickets purchased at the Wheeler. Yes, I was there very early the Friday the tickets went on sale.

From conservatives for president to gun control to issues on Iran, with respect to nuclear arms and Islam and the American Dream, insight was provided by experts and authorities. Media talking heads were prominently on site, most often as moderators. The liberal-progressive bias was not as intense as in years passed. There were times when inappropriate laughter arose from select groups of attendees toward conversation not favorable to their thinking. Moderators are best when unbiased. Some just cannot contain themselves. Injecting personal opinion through untimely telling traits, side comments or abrupt injections using revealing adjectives. Call it the Candy Crowley syndrome. Sorry to the reader, but it is hard not to mention Jonathen Capehart and his arrival on stage at the Belly Up with french fries in hand and a haughty attitude toward the conservative panelists he was about to question. At the opposite end of the spectrum was Steve Clemons who brought forth from his interviewees cogent conversation on the Iran nuclear negotiations. Bias should come from the panelists making possible debate.

We are blessed in this town to have this event take place each year. Thanks also to the organizers for bringing the festival to the public. The venues are wonderful. It is clear those behind the curtain have worked diligently to bring the best and the brightest to Aspen to provide in person current event topics of significance.

Already I am saving for next year to be able to attend as a patron.

Tom Balderston