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Letter: Aspen Housing Authority bullies homeowner

It is with dismay and disbelief that the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority continues to bully Burlingame homeowner Lee Mulcahy in an attempted forced sale of his home by refusing to review his records of employment compliance. In a request to District Court Judge Chris Seldin, the housing authority, hiding behind clever lawyers while manipulating administrative agency rules in its claim of missed deadlines to respond to its letters, quickly moves for summary judgment against Lee (representing himself) without trial or even a hearing.

The housing authority continues to ignore the fact that Lee was at his father’s bedside and subsequent funeral in Texas when the agency inquiries were sent regarding his employment compliance. After his father’s death, Lee went to Kenya to take his dad’s place in a charitable community cause. The housing authority admits they knew Lee’s father had died and that he was out of the country when a final notice was sent and a deadline due.

After returning to Aspen, Lee’s efforts to show compliance with his work as an artist and other employment fell on deaf ears. Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority, bent on pursuing deadline technicalities, refused to review Lee’s documented compliance.

The housing authority’s heartless move came, coincidentally, within weeks of Lee finally obtaining his certificate of occupancy (March 1) after years of him physically constructing his own home and jumping through ridiculous hoops of agency demands. The authority now pursues what appears to be an opportunity to snap up a gorgeous home built upon a family’s blood, sweat and tears.

It is outrageous to think how easily an administrative agency in Aspen can take advantage of the system in an attempt to force a contributing member of the Aspen community out of his home. Lee’s deep commitment and civic involvement to the Aspen community is unsurpassed. My family and friends have known Lee for more than 20 years and can attest to his impeccable character, integrity, loyalty, and deep sense of community and charitable involvement.

Shame on the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority for resorting to such overreaching and heavy handedness.

It is hoped that through public awareness and appeal, other community members will speak up against this punitive treatment and support Lee’s efforts to show the authority that he is in compliance. That is all he is asking.

Robyn Cassel

Miami and Aspen

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