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Letter: Aspen double-speak


Aspen double-speak

Dear Editor:

Months ago I blanched when reading that Aspen City Councilman Skadron reported hearing complaints from constituents about the new Roaring Fork Transportation Authority bus stops because they looked “too nice.”

Now comes attorney Glenn K. Beaton in an op-ed piece in Thursday’s Aspen Times (June 13) entitled “Colossally too big” and basically saying the same thing.

My disgust with this attitude is best explained in an observation made by the economist John Kenneth Galbraith, to wit, “Americans can be described as believing simultaneously in both private wealth and public squalor.”

In a community filled with some of the largest private houses and served by more private automobiles per person than anywhere else on the planet, it seems a bit “let-them eat-cakish” to lash out at well-designed, solidly built, tastefully lighted and comfortable mass-transit stops located in a mountain environment, which is pretty wintery for six months of every year. ‘Nuf said.

James Breasted