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Letter: Ask what you can do for this community

Ask what you can do for this community

This letter is in regards to The Aspen Times’ Wednesday article, “Aspen Lodge concept delayed in face of P&Z rejection”

First of all, I never write letters to the paper, but this particular subject hits close to home — literally. As in, my home is mere feet from one of Mark Hunt’s proposed lodge projects at the corner of Cooper and we’re-going-to-be-screwed-out-of-more-parking-in-downtown-Aspen. Yep, that’s a mouthful. I live in what I consider to be a very well-planned affordable-housing building, which was constructed almost 20 years ago, with underground parking. What a concept! And what I don’t get is how in this day and age in Aspen where parking is at a premium, somehow all these newly constructed buildings in the downtown core, for example the Art Museum, have gotten away with not providing parking in their structures. Not to mention while they’re at it, parking spaces are being eliminated. It isn’t rocket science people. And now, Mark Hunt wants to provide Aspen with an underground bowling alley (Um, we have one in Snowmass Village already, and we need another bowling alley like we need three bowling-ball holes in the head). And for those who aren’t acquainted with Aspen’s downtown layout, well, the intersection at Cooper and Original is a very busy one, so adding valet service for future lodge guests, and having said lodge’s guests’ cars driven across town to the parking garage sounds like an absolute asinine plan. You know what Mark, I have a better idea: With all your millions of dollars that you’re spending buying out half our town, why don’t you pay to put in your own parking garages? Just a thought. I have to laugh at Mark’s comment in The Aspen Times article, which quotes him saying, “I hope that you realize what we’re asking for is very little in return for what we’re giving to this community.” Seriously? I think you’re asking the residents of this town to accommodate you with parking so you can get away with not providing it in your planned buildings and adding more vehicle congestion to boot. Ask not what this community can do for you, but ask what you may do for this community. Hmm, sounds familiar. ‘Nuff said people, over and out.

Alena Gauba