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Letter: Are illegal immigrants getting preferential treatment?

“Both people in the county illegally and those who have temporary legal status will qualify” to get a driver’s license and ID cards beginning Friday. — in the Aspen Daily News, Aug. 1.

What is wrong with this state? Legal residents have been complaining in recent editorials about the difficulties and extremely long waits for services at the local DMV. Now, 9,500 undocumented and “temporary” legal immigrants can sign up in advance for appointments. I have to go to the DMV and take a number to reassure my place in line, and I pay taxes that fund that office and its services.

Will these undocumented but soon-to-have-documents people be able to get auto insurance? If an uninsured illegal has a catastrophic accident causing severe injury or death, it would be very easy to flee to their home country and avoid penalties.

It amazes me that Colorado grants in-state tuition for children of illegal immigrants but denied it to Native Americans — the only true citizens of this land we call America. (Fort Lewis College in Durango, my alma mater, is the exception in Colorado.)

The U.S. will never see an end to illegal immigration, drugs or guns. We might as well start the documentation process at the county courthouse. Give all illegal immigrants 60 days to get there and apply for a citizenship card, English-comprehension class and tax ID number! Then let them go get their driver’s license. If one cannot produce the documentation or paper stating it is in process, then deport them immediately. Driving is a privilege because roads are maintained with state and federal tax dollars!

I am not racist or biased toward anyone’s race, color, creed, ethnicity or opinions. I simply expect all of us to be treated semi- equally, which means paying some taxes for what you earn and government services you use. Otherwise, you may as well be an inverted corporation skirting the U.S. tax laws.

John Norman


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