Letter: Appreciate those who have served our country

Once again Americans will come together on the Fourth of July in Aspen to celebrate our independence and freedoms. These freedoms were secured by the men and women of our military over the past 240 years.

All U.S. military veterans, active duty, reservists, and national guard are invited to walk with the Tribute to Veterans group in Aspen’s parade. Meet on Main Street by Paepcke Park at 10 a.m. Rides are available. Call Hugh Roberts at 970-927-4194 or Sally Glenn at 970-948-8278 for more information, or email

If you are former military, come hear the cheers and applause of the crowd for your service. If you are part of the crowd, please let the men and women who have served our country in peace and war know that you appreciate their efforts.

Hugh Roberts

USAF Vietnam