Letter: Another non-endorsement

Dear Editor:

I want a mayor who thinks, like I do, that Aspen’s best days are ahead of us, not behind us. Having children tends to make one more long term in their thinking. I want a mayor who is going to be thinking of unborn future Aspenites and how their lives can be better.

Everyone wants a protected environment and a great Aspen, but I believe prosperity is a factor that older Aspenites, who have their piece of the pie, seem more willing to ignore. I want a mayor who won’t forget his responsibility to the future generations, not just the present.

In Rick Carroll’s non-endorsement for “Steve Torre” (Opinion, The Aspen Times, May 28) he says he wants a mayor with values that “protect the environment, contain runaway development and keep Aspen the exceptional place that it is.” I’m with that.

If I think we might be better off with a hotel instead of townhomes at Lift 1, does that mean I am in favor of “runaway” development? How should we view the fact that the recent proposal to limit heights in the core (a concept I support) actually spurred a huge rush of development? I want a mayor who understands unintended consequences.

I want to see our exceptional affordable-housing program better by introducing more diversity, opportunity and prosperity to the system. Who is most willing to chase that dream?

I think our parks-and-recreation system is exceptional, but unlike most places, our “industry” is recreation, so I see room for improvement. I want a mayor who doesn’t just rip about the “subsidy” associated with the Aspen Recreation Center but recognizes that it is not just an incredible community asset but also an economic engine that does generate visits to and spending in Aspen. Bringing people to Aspen to compete, train and recreate has huge positive ripple effects on our experiences, community, economy and personal prosperity.

I offered my endorsement to the candidate most willing to fight for the above causes, but as neither took my offer, like Rick’s, this is a non-endorsement. But I am still happy to have beers with either — if they are game — win or lose. I like them both and value and respect them as community members.

Scott Writer