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Letter: Another idea for Aspen hydro

Another idea for Aspen hydro

Mick Ireland’s “Geek Speak” recent article about the Aspen hydro project (Commentary, May 5, Aspen Daily News) is a serious discussion as to why the “project” should proceed. It’s the most logical use of renewable energy for Aspen.

Another idea not discussed is for Aspen to lend money to its taxpayers to retrofit their homes and buildings with electric and convection panels. Repayments would be gas and electric savings through their tax bill. Bonds for this purpose could be as low as one percent. While it may take ten or fifteen years to pay off the debt, it would be a “sum zero” for Aspen and the taxpayer. Instead of paying to the gas and electric companies and avoiding the 2- to 3 percent annual increases, the Aspen loan would be paid off in time. A win-win for carbon reduction and a lose-lose of income for the gas, electric and fossil fuel companies. No tears here.

By the way, Aspen has $6.5 million into the hydro project, and $2.5 million would get it up and running. Can Aspen afford to walk away from this critical carbon-reducing project? If you analyze who organized the “hydro no vote”, I’ll bet that many are “fossil fuel” people like Koch, the SOB (stupid old billionaire).

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village

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