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Letter: Another beautiful Winter Olympics

I have always been exhilarated by the Olympics, particularly the winter kind. The 1980 Lake Placid and the 2010 Vancouver games were two of the most thrilling sporting events I can remember.

But this year’s PyeongChong games give me a special warm feeling in my heart. To see the two Korea’s come together like that gives me hope there will peace in our time. This is what sport is all about; cooperation not competition.

It’s just like Vietnam except it’s happening after 65 years of peace instead of 25 years of war. Just like the Vietnamese, the Koreans are one people. They should be together.North Korea has never threatened South Korea with nuclear weapons. They’ve threatened us.

Butt out Mike Pence! Take note of the fact that Vietnam has known 45 years of relative peace and prosperity since we pulled our nose out of their business. I know any unified Korea would be unacceptable to you if there were any elements of Marxism in it, but just about every nation in the world has that and your kind of thinking is dying out.

Fred Malo