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Letter: Animal abuse must stop

Animal abuse must stop

We are four seventh-grade students from Basalt Middle School.

In our advisory class, we just finished the book “Kokopelli’s Flute” by Will Hobbs. For our community project, which related to the book, we decided to study animal abuse. We have called multiple animal shelters up and down the valley and visited many websites with statistics and facts about animal abuse. Our group agrees our community and state needs to do something about this problem.

Animals are being abused everyday throughout the whole world. They are being kicked, hit, abandoned and much more.

Research shows that 71 percent of domestic-violence victims report that their abuser also targets not only their house animals, but their farm animals too. Forty-seven states, (not including Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota) currently have felony provisions for animal cruelty.

It’s a known fact that 33 percent of children and teenagers abuse animals because they have grown up watching it and thinking it’s perfectly fine.

We would like you to teach kids the right way to treat animals such as to never kick, hit, punch, etc. Having an animal is a big responsibility that you will need to handle for the rest of your pet’s life. We as a community need to stop this major problem!

Elise Shaw, Helen Jurado, Ryan Boyle and Jack Curnow

Basalt Middle School

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