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Letter: Angst on both sides

This is an open letter to the Roaring Fork Valley Republicans — also Democrats. I just got through reading Chad Klinger’s open letter (“An open letter to Pitkin County Republicans,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Nov. 5) and Glenn Beaton’s piece about the last Republican debates (“The liberal media gets crushed,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Nov. 8). I also wrote a pretty scathing letter to the editor last week. In my mind it was scathing but also true.

There were only four comments on my piece — a lot of anger and name-calling. So rude and childish, really. However, I am guilty of that once in a while. Ask Beaton. I really think that Beaton and I could have a coffee or a drink together and be civilized about our differences. I could do the same thing with Klinger or Melanie Sturm or any perceived complete right-winger!

I understand the right-wing anger and frustration with lefties like me — me and people like Obama. What they fail to understand, though, is that people like me went eight whole years through the Cheney-Bush disaster. Even my dad, who is a hard-core right-winger, was stumped by some of the moves and disasters that administration caused. How I personally got through those tough years was by watching “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show.” I am serious. That show saved a lot of people!

So, Chad, Glenn and Melanie, I honestly feel your pain and angst. Hang in there, and keep being creative. Stop the anger and hate, though. I have been there. It does not work.

Miles Knudson


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