Letter: An unwelcome environment at Aspen campus

An unwelcome environment at Aspen campus

On the morning of Sept. 2, many experienced unprecedented traffic on both sides of the roundabout, continuing up Maroon Creek Road to the Aspen school campus. When we finally got up to the school parking lot, we saw Superintendent John Maloy blocking the entrances to the school parking lot and refusing entry to parents of elementary school-aged children who customarily park and walk together to the elementary school. Instead, parents were required to stay with their cars and drop our children off at the curb.

Please keep in mind, these are children as young as 5 years old on their fourth day of kindergarten walking unaccompanied approximately 200 yards to the elementary school. This was a surprising and unannounced change in school policy.

I do believe our administration can be well-intended. However, that morning they failed to recognize how important it is for children (not to mention parents) to have notice for a transition such as this. Furthermore, they seemed to give no concern for our children’s safety as they forced us to leave them at the parking lot and hope they made it to their new classrooms. At the very least, the administration could have prepared by asking teachers or parent volunteers to escort our children to ensure their safe arrival.

As parents, we have every right and authority to walk our children into school. They are, after all, our precious children. What makes Aspen such an outstanding school is the high number of involved, concerned and loving parents. It’s always busy at drop-off and pick-up, but we, as civil parents, have managed to always make it work. That morning, children were crying and parents were quite upset. This is not the way to welcome us back to school, let alone foster a positive love for learning.

We live in a great family oriented community, and I would like to see our school administration welcome, embrace and support this.

Whitney Foley


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