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Letter: An unselfish attitude for Basalt council

Election time is nearing in Basalt and I would like people to take a close look at one of our candidates running for council. You may have heard the name Leroy Duroux before, as his family has been in the valley longer than most. He has previously been mayor of Basalt as well as a town councilman.

I have known Leroy for 16 years and would have to say I have not met anyone who genuinely cares about this town more than him. It is refreshingly old-fashioned to see his common sense and levelheadedness that is missing from many today. Too many say that they are here to help you in public office, but often it is not the case. I like the fact that someone who says they care about the town actually shows up at the local school sports events and supports the community of Basalt.

He loves his town. It is his unselfish attitude that I think would fit well on our council. Please consider Leroy Duroux for Basalt Town Council when you vote.

Nick Soho