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Letter: An old carol with a new twist

Christmas is coming (way too fast, and going to be difficult for many people who are grieving, hungry, out of work and depressed).

The goose is getting fat (junk food and GMO nutritionally compromised and additive-laden food very impactful).

Please do put a penny in the old man’s hat (the old government man who steals from the poor to make the rich richer)

If you haven’t got a penny (having surrendered it to pay for health care and outrageous fuel costs to feed the oil barons’ greed), a hay penny will do (but it won’t do much because of inflation and taxes).

If you haven’t got a hay penny (and many of the unemployed and underemployed don’t, along with the veterans of all our costly wars), then God bless you.

Whether you believe in God or not the blessing still stands. It’s about peace and a baby; a baby is a blessing filled with love in any religion and meant to teach us to love one another.

If your version includes the baby Jesus, all the better because he really was born on Christmas, maybe not exactly on Dec. 25, but born for sure and an extraordinary man by any standards who was/is (for some of us) a symbol of love and light and the spirit of Christmas — then God bless you.

Karen D’Attilo


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